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Conch piercing is quite popular among the younger crowd and is a stylish way of expressing your personality. Several reasons add to its popularity like the endless options for adorning, its edgy look, or the supposed health benefits.

For whatever reason you have chosen it, now is the time to adorn it with appropriate earrings. As not only looks, but comfort also plays a great role here too. So let's check out which earpieces you can choose for your inner conch piercings. But, before that a quick recap of inner conch piercings.

Conch Piercings and Its Benefits

Conch (pronounced ‘konk’) piercing has been named after the conch shell, which resembles the ears. Targeting the concave shell-like structure of the ear, it can be categorized into two types: inner conch and outer conch.

The upper part of the cartilage is usually adorned by outer conch piercing. This part closer to the anti-helix is mostly embellished with a hoop that faces outward. The inner conch is parallel to daith and it's the fold of cartilage above the ear canal which is usually embellished with studs.

Conch piercing can be styled in different ways, for a unique look every time.  These are relatively comfortable and help you express your style with ease. They are subtle and discreet, obviously best for those who wish not to be too noticeable.

Understanding Your Conch Piercing Size

First and the most important step is to check the size of your ear piercing. From person to person conch piercing size can differ, so for a secure fit, it's crucial to pick the proper size. For this, you can gauze the size of your conch piercing. A device named gauge can help in measuring your jewelry thickness. 16 gauge, 14 gauge, and 12 gauge are the most preferred conch piercing gauge sizes.  It depends on the anatomy of your ear, so choose it accordingly.

Select Right Material

Selecting the right material can not only affect the look of your earpiece but can also affect its life. For a good feel and appeal, you should opt for these common materials:

  1. Gold: Gold is a timeless and traditional material, and most of the jewel pieces. It is quite durable and has less chance of scratches. Nickel and cadmium-free White, yellow, or rose gold conch earrings are available in varieties of hues and carats.

  2. Other Materials: Silver, titanium, and other materials are also good options for inner conch earrings. Those with metal sensitivities and allergies can opt for titanium. Depending on your budget, comfort, and the design you choose you can look for different options.

Inner Conch Earrings Types

Inner Conch Earrings Types
  1. Conch Studs

    Stud universally accepted earring style is ideal for both outer and inner conch piercings. Conch studs are available in various shapes and designs in different materials. Whether you love to adorn shining diamonds or vibrant gemstones, you can easily find a conch stud, that matches your budget and taste. What you can look for are trio studs, floral studs, and distinctive diamond conch ear studs in wave or curved forms. Considering your size, material, and budget you can look for available options.

  2. Circular, Curved, and Straight Barbells

    Although Circular, Curved, and Straight options are available in barbells, Straight barbells are particularly considered best suited for inner conch piercings. They are known to add an edgy look to your earring stack. These barbells have a rounded ball at the back and resemble a stud in design and pattern. It's important to consider the length of the barbell for comfort; as several times longer barbells can affect your comfort level, especially while sleeping.

  3. Captive Bead Rings

    Captive bead rings are like hoop earrings that feature a single bead held by the ring's pressure securely in its place. In case of alleviating strain, the bead can be easily removed and reinserted.  They are a popular choice for conch piercings due to their stylish appearance and comfort.

  4. Clicker Rings

    Clicker rings are among the best options for inner conch piercings, as they feature a hinged closure mechanism. With just a click ring is locked in place through the hinged clasp. They are easy to remove and insert, and this makes them a good choice for day-to-day wear too. They are available in almost all types of designs from simple and sleek to bold and appealing.

Conch Earrings Styling Tips

Once you have your style of inner conch earring, you must know how to style it too. Here are a few tips that can help you:

  1. Complement with a Simple Outfit

    Conch earrings can stand out on their own, so you don’t need to think much about the outfit. A minimalist outfit can pair best with these elegant pieces. So whether you are opting for a white shirt and denim or a plain black dress, your conch studs or rings will shine their best.

  2. Mix and Match

    For a unique and trendy look, you can easily mix and match conch earrings with your other earpieces. For a playful yet elegant look you can pair your conch pieces with silver hoops gem studs.

  3. Proper Hair is necessary

    If you want your conch earrings to shine at their best, you should properly tuck them. Those with long hair can consider ponytails or buns and short hair people just need to take care that their hair is behind the ears if they want their conch pieces to flaunt. Hairstyles make a big difference so do take care of this.

  4. Overpower them with Other Jewel Pieces

    Conch earrings can be matched with other jewelry pieces for a complete look. A thin gold necklace or bracelet can go well with your conch earrings without being too flashy.

  5. Perfect Jewel Pieces for Themed parties and events

    For beach parties and themed events, conch earrings can be perfect accessories. You can pair them with your floral dress and flowy sandals.

Your Conch Earrings Need Care

Your conch earrings are delicate pieces that need care like other jewel pieces. So here are a few tips that can be helpful.

  • They should be stored away from sunlight.

  • Clean your conch earrings gently in a mild soapy solution.

  • Exposure to harsh chemicals should be avoided.

  • Before swimming or showering remove them.

Let’s check who and how has embraced the inner conch trend:

  • Rihanna: Every one of us loves to follow this fashion icon. Check her conch piercing earrings to get some inspiration.

  • Zoë Kravitz: You love her music and now you will surely love her earrings too. She has two inner conch piercings on her right ear.

  • Emma Stone: Check out her inner conch piercing style, a lot to learn from her.

  • Kendall Jenner: The inner conch piercing on her right ear looks fabulous, as she adorns it beautifully with stylish earpieces.

Wrapping Up:

Stylish expression and amazing health benefits of conch piercings are making them popular among the younger crowd. The two types of conch piercing that are generally considered are inner and outer. While selecting an inner conch earring, you should consider the size of your piercings for a secure fit and prefer materials like gold, silver, or titanium for your good piercing health. Explore styles such as studs, barbells, captive bead rings, or clicker rings to get something that matches your taste or occasion. Styling tips include pairing conch earrings with minimalist outfits, mixing, and matching with other earrings, and considering hairstyles to showcase the earrings.

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