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Celebrating new piercings and new vibes? Great! Your piercer might have advised you about taking care of your piercing. but if by any chance they missed informing you about the care your piercing jewelry needs, then this blog is for you.
Whether you have bought a gemstone stud or diamond hoop, every piercing jewelry piece needs proper care. Let’s check out how you can do it.

But, before that it’s essential to know….

Why you Should Take Care of your piercing jewelry?

Your piercing jewelry holds special value for you and you would love that you could treasure it for long. If you take care of your piercing jewelry, that means you are not only preserving its beauty, but you are prioritizing your health and comfort too. So here are a few reasons for detailed understanding.

  • To Preserve Its Value : Jewelry pieces always carry a good value and we wish to preserve it. So if you take good care of your piercing jewelry, you are maintaining it’s worth.

  • For Your Health and Safety : Infections that can lead to discomfort and complications are prevented, with clean jewelry pieces. Proper and clean ear health leads to minimize the chances of infection.

  • To Extend It’s Life : Lifespan of your piercing jewelry is extended and you don't have to look for replacements, if you take care of your jewel piece.

  • For Maintaining Its Beauty: To make sure your piercing jewelry maintain its luster and shine forever, taking care of them is essential.

  • For Sentimental Reasons: Your piercing piece is a reminder of those special moments, love and appreciation. It holds a sentimental value so its important to take good care of our jewelry.

  1. Follow Jewelry Wearing Guidelines

    Follow Jewelry Wearing Guidelines

    Your piercing jewelry is precious for you and you would love to carry all day long. But, its important to understand when and where you should wear them.

    1. When to Wear it?

      Wearing your Piercing Jewelry should be the last task, whenever you are dressing up. Once you have applied skincare products and makeup, then you should wear your piercing piece.

      Reason: Hairspray, cosmetic products, perfumes and lotions are made up of chemicals that are harmful for your jewel piece. The chemicals can easily react with jewelry that can straight away affect your jewelry.

    2. When to Take it Off?

      To protect your piercing jewelry from wear and tear or harmful chemicals, its important to take them off.

      1. Take Care of wear and tear by:

        • Removing them during Exercising: There are chances that your jewel piece gets stuck in clothing, while exercising and gets damaged. Brilliance of the jewel piece is affected by the salt produced through body sweat.

        • Not wearing them while Playing Sports: Hard blows or hits during playing can cause bents or damage your jewel piece. So remember to remove them.

        • Not Sleeping in them : Don’t ever sleep in your piercing jewelry. It can get caught in your bedding affecting its setting. Sleeping postures can create pressure on the jewel piece, ultimately affecting its shape.

      2. Keep them away from Harsh Chemicals by:

        • Not Taking them in Pools : Remember to remove your piercing jewelry while swimming. As chlorinated waters of pool can discolor your jewelry.

        • Take them off during bathing: Again the harsh chemicals of your body lotions, shampoo, or soap can damage their luster.

  2. Carefully Check Jewelry Cleaning Rules:

    Carefully Check Jewelry Cleaning Rules:

    Although jewelry cleaning at home is a simple process that involves soaking jewel piece in cleaning mild soapy solution, gentle scrubbing with a soft toothbrush, rinsing thoroughly and then careful drying. But, for different pieces it can differ to some extent.

    1. Cleaning Gold Jewelry

      Gold jewelry on exposure to air, moisture or skin oils can tarnish with time. So cleaning them becomes mandatory. If the jewelry piece is only made of gold, then you can easily clean it in mild soapy solution prepared from dish soap or baby shampoo. Rinse it thoroughly in other bowl, and then with a soft cloth completely dry it. Don’t use tissue, as it can scratch the metal.

    2. Cleaning Silver Jewelry

      Silver piercing jewelry piece can be cleaned like gold jewelry. A number of times other methods are recommended, but its better to stick to this simple method. Like a toothpaste used for cleaning silver jewelry, which brings more harm than good, as it contains abrasive chemicals.

    3. Cleaning Gemstone Jewelry

      While cleaning colored gemstone or diamond piercing jewelry you need to pay a little more attention. Stones can be dislodged, if you scrub them a little hard. Small gemstone pieces need more care.
      Same procedure can be opted, but while cleaning you need to take care that you don't scrub the gemstone surface. Area near prongs should be cleaned as most of the dirt and grim accumulates here. Avoid cleaning them in sinks.

  3. How Often should I clean my jewelry?

    This will totally depend on the type of jewelry and how often you wear it. Check a few criteria:

    • Everyday jewelry can be cleaned in 1-2 weeks, as oil, dirt and grime accumulate with day to day tasks.

    • Occasional Jewelry should be cleaned every time that is before and after use.

    • Fine jewelry can be cleaned in every 2-3 months.

    • Silver jewelry can tarnish if exposed to moisture, so it’s better to clean them in 2-3 weeks.

    • Delicate Jewelry should not be cleaned frequently and if possible take help of professionals in this case.

  4. How To Store Jewelry?

    How To Store Jewelry?

    Storing your piercing jewelry is equally important like cleaning and protecting. As if not done properly, your piece can loose luster or can be scratched by other pieces.

    1. For this you should:

      • Store them in jewel boxes or pouches lined with soft cloth.

      • Each jewel piece should be stored separate to prevent tangling.

      • If you want to store them together then get an organizer with lots of compartments. Keep a check that these compartments are lined with silk or velvet.

    2. What you should not do?

      • Don't store them in zip lock air tight bags.

      • Don’t store them in washrooms, as excessive humidity can be harmful for them.

      • Never keep your jewelry in the wooden box, as wood can corrode or discolor the metal of your jewelry.

      • Always store your jewelry pieces separately. In a complete climate-controlled area.

  5. How to Protect your Jewelry from Damage or Loss?

    How to Protect your Jewelry from Damage or Loss?
    • Timely Repair by Professionals

      Timely repair of your piercing jewelry is essential if you want to avoid any loss. It can protect any damage or loss. For this you should timely check setting or prongs that hold stones, as they become loose with time. Loose settings may lead to stones misplacement.
      Periodic check by professionals will ensure that your jewelry stays safe and shiny for years to come.
      Metal polishing or fixing prongs and a few more tasks is all your jewelry needs!

    • Protecting from Excessive Heat and Light

      Excessive heat and light can damage pearls and gemstones, like harmful rays of sun affecting our skin. With time they can fade and damage too. Some of the pearls get bleached on exposure to extreme light and some gems can darken under same conditions.
      Under extreme temperatures some gemstones like diamond may develop cracks too. So it’s better to protect them for exposure to these conditions.

    • Travel with Jewelry Case

      Whenever traveling, you should take extra care of your piercing jewelry. Store them in a safe travel storage case, that could be locked for safety.
      Storing your piercing jewelry in a toiletry bag or any suitcase can cause intense damage to your jewelry pieces.

  6. Additional Tips for Extra Care

    • Never keep your jewelry in wooden boxes, as wood releases acids or chemicals that discolors certain metals and stones.

    • Never store your silver and gold piercing jewelry together. Gold is a soft metal that can get scratched by silver.

    • Never consider your jewelry just an accessory, insure it, as it’s a valuable and sentimental item too.

Wrapping Up:

Your piercing jewelry reflects your taste and style and the way you care for it shows your commitment to self-expression. From shinning studs to colored hoops, all need a little care to shine and remain infection free too. For maintaining beauty of your jewel piece proper jewelry wearing guidelines should be followed like when to wear them and take them off. Regular cleaning, proper storage and protection from wear and tear are other points that must be considered. Extend life span of your precious piercing jewelry by following these simple pointers by Jewel Pierce.

Hope it Helps!

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