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Kudos! Now you have a new piercing that you’ve been dreaming of. What’s next?

Your healing process starts now! As per estimation, the healing time of cartilage piercing is around 6 to 8 months. While an earlobe piercing is 3 to 4 months. The healing power of every person is different. It depends on how you treat and follow the aftercare steps to reduce the healing process time.

To make sure that your ear piercing heals completely, you just need to give your piercing some love and care. Stay healthy and safe for a successful piercing healing process.

However, the proper aftercare will help to heal your ear piercing, real quick! There are a couple of things you must be aware of. In this blog, we’ll talk about it in detail.

First things first,

What to expect after getting your new ear piercing?

What to expect after getting your new ear piercing?

At the initial stage, you can expect:

  • Bleeding: Bleeding is generally common for the initial few weeks. As a hole is punctured in your ear, every new piercing is alike a wound. We suggest you, use cold ice which will help in reducing the swelling.

  • Tenderness or Itching: After a few weeks, some dryness and discoloration (like redness) may appear on your piercing, causing irritation and itching on your particular area of ear piercing, which is quite common.

While healing process,

  • Secretion of a pale yellowish fluid (not pus): It’s a part of your ear piercing healing process, if not cared properly then it might cause infection.

    Our only tip, take saline solution and dip a cotton ball, then place it on the piercing for about five minutes. Following these steps will help in cleansing the piercing thoroughly.

  • Ear Piercing healing process takes much more time than expected as after the initial process, you just need to give more attention and care.

  • If you’re feeling strange pain, excessive bleeding or swelling, and some kind of unusual discharge. In this case, you should immediately talk to your piercer or contact a doctor.

What Earrings Should You Wear After Piercing?

What Earrings Should You Wear After Piercing?

Once you get pierced first, you will have the starter earrings for your initial stage. During your piercing process, you need to keep calm and patient and let your piercing heal completely. As sometimes this period may get lengthy, but undoubtedly it’s worth waiting for, isn’t it?

So, after 6 to 9 months have passed, your unusual discharge, flakiness, and soreness are gone by following a proper aftercare routine and your piercing is completely healed.

At this point, you can wear the ear piercing jewelry which you’ve dreamed of!

It’s recommended to go with lighter jewelry such as studs, and keep your drop and hoops aside for a few months. Wearing such kind of piercing jewelry may put pressure or discomfort to your new ear piercing.

Note: Your ear piercing healing time depends on the area of piercing. So, here’s the estimated time period, remember your healing depends on various factors, as every body and every piercing is different. Everyone’s healing journey can be unique.

Estimate Ear Piercing’s Healing Time:

Estimate Ear Piercing’s Healing Time:

Helix Piercing

7 - 9 months

Forward Helix Piercing

6 - 9 months

Rook Piercing

8 - 12+ months

Tragus Piercing

6 - 9 months

Anti Tragus Piercing

9 - 12+ months

Daith Piercing

9 - 12+ months

High Lobe Piercing

4 - 6 months

Conch Piercing

9 - 12+ months

Continue reading, to know how to take care of your newly pierced ear.

How To Take Care Of New Piercing?

How To Take Care Of New Piercing?

Your new ear piercing needs some extra care, love, and attention. By following these easy suggestions will ensure an effortless healing process:

  • Keep your piercing CLEAN:

    Firstly, make sure to do everything which prevents the bacteria and dirt. So, wash your hands before touching or cleaning your ear piercing.

    It’s essential to clean your site of piercing, twice a day (morning and night) with a saline solution. To speed up your healing process, clean your piercing from front and back with a cotton ball, then pat dry with a cotton pad. And, daily cleansing is IMPORTANT!

    Additional Tip: While taking a shower, try to prevent antibacterial soap or any shampoo set in your piercing! This will trigger your ear piercing.

  • Avoid Touching your Piercing Area:

    This suggestion might sound very simple. But it’s not as easy as it seems to be. During the healing process, it’s important to prevent germs and bacteria as unnecessary touching, can lead to an infection.

  • Keep your Earrings in:

    We know you want to flaunt those gorgeous piercing jewelry in your new piercing, that’s why it’s important to let your piercing heal fully. We suggest you let your earrings in, as removing your earrings may close your piercing.

  • Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle:

    Your successful healing process also depends on a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy food, drinking plenty of water, a good sleep cycle, and keeping a positive attitude, will somehow help your new ear piercing heal quickly!

Additional Aftercare Tips


  • Follow all the advised instructions given by your piercer during your piercing process.

  • You can apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly around your piercing, which will keep your piercing moist. And as we all know, the moist wound heals faster!

  • Keep an eye on your piercing, if your new piercing gets puffy, red, or sore, you must consult with your doctor. These types of side effects can cause an infection.

  • Take care of your piercing while brushing/styling your hair, removing clothes, or participating in some harsh exercises. These activities involve a risk to snag easily on your piercing.


  • Avoid touching your piercing site, except while you’re cleaning it.

  • Avoid over cleaning your piercing (unless it’s necessary), this can trigger your piercing and extend your healing period.

  • Don’t change or remove your piercing earrings, until your piercing is completely healed. Changing, turning or twisting your jewelry will irritate your piercing, while removing your earrings for the first 12 months, will close up your piercing.

  • Don’t sleep on your fresh piercing. You can instead use a travel pillow, by positioning your ear within the central hole of pillow when resting on your side.

  • Avoid any kind of chemical solution like alcohol, bactine, or neosporin to clean your piercing site as it may lead to infection or bumps.

  • Avoid performing any difficult exercises during your healing process or ear piercing.

  • Avoid going to public swimming pools, lakes, rivers, oceans, and even to home pools. The chlorinated water, or germs and bacteria present in water can harm your piercing directly.

Wrapping Up

Till Now! We have enlightened you with all the necessary aftercare steps for your fresh ear piercing.

Proper aftercare is crucial for a smooth piercing process and for minimizing the risks of infection or other problems.

By following all the suggestions that we’ve talked about in this blog, you can enjoy a healthy and beautiful piercing (we know you want to) to style your favorite Ear Piercing Jewelry.

We take a warm adieu, keep that curiosity. We’ll be back with such interesting blogs soon.

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