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The year 2024 will be a big one for tragus piercing trends, with celebrities piercing jewelry going to be viral. If your last piercing experience was not so good, then brace yourself for some exciting news. Tragus ear piercing is now in the spotlight. The choice of ear piercing you choose matters the most! Back in the day, a simple stud or two on the tragus, or perhaps a cartilage hoop, might have served to flaunt your edgy side. Today, the array of tragus ear piercings caters to every single vibe, complemented by the various styles of earrings to match.

Are you set to align with some of the world's foremost trendsetters, showcasing elegantly curated ears? Get ready with everything you need to know before having your tragus pierced, from understanding the expected pain level during the piercing process to mastering proper aftercare, and receiving our top tips when it's fully healing.

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  • How Much Time Does Tragus Piercing Need to Heal?

  • Is it Safe to Get a Tragus Piercing?

  • Is Tragus Piercing Looks Classy?

  • Which Type of Jewelry is best for Tragus Piercing?

  • Which Metal Complements Your Tragus Earrings?

  • Aftercare Guide for Helix Piercing

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Understanding of Tragus Piercing

The tragus is a small, thick piece of cartilage that hugs the entrance of the ear canal. Generally, it takes on a rounded triangle shape, although the size and shape can vary from one individual to another. As with all tragus piercings, this procedure can take 3 to 6 months to fully heal or settle. We recommend cleaning it twice a day by using saline solution and keeping your hands clean helps it to heal fully.

One of the great things about tragus piercing is its versatility, it looks even more stylish or classy whether you go for single or double piercing, or even if you have a fully stacked lobe.

Unconventional options such as tragus piercing, are placed in the thicker cartilage at the center of your ear, where you can comfortably wear the tiny studs and hoops. This became increasingly popular for its subtle charm. Due to its closeness to your face, it'll be obviously noticeable.

Key Facts

Placement: - Tiny, placed in the outer ear, in front of the ear canal
Pricing: - $20-$80
Pain Level: - 4/10
Healing Time: - Takes a minimum of 3 to 6 months to fully heal
Earring Choice: - Small studs and hoops
After Care: - Use saline solution twice a day, morning and evening for 2-3 months

What are the Types of Tragus Piercings?

  • Anti-Tragus Piercing

    Anti-Tragus Piercing

    Upon gently pinching your earlobe, the piece of triangle-shaped cartilage sets the anti-tragus piercing apart, allowing you to add unique gold tragus earrings to the jewelry box. With too many choices, deciding where to begin can be overwhelming. The anti-tragus is best for trendsetters seeking to get some change in personality through these chic piercings.

  • Double Tragus Piercing

    Double Tragus Piercing

    When you're getting two piercings on the tragus lobe, the double tragus piercing involving a small cartilage that hugs your ear canal. This piercing is placed at the same spot just like the standard tragus piercing. Two piercings are classier than one, make sure to get to done with a professional piercer to place them at the right location.

  • Vertical Tragus Piercing

    Vertical Tragus Piercing

    This piercing is placed on the same area of cartilage as the regular tragus piercing. One of the amazing things about the vertical tragus piercing is that it appears just as stunning as with the double piercing as this does with a fully stacked lobe. Rather than having the cartilage pierced towards the ear canal, this piercing enters and exits solely through the front side of the tragus. This is generally adorned with a curved barbell; it accentuates the ear elegantly while making your tragus area stylish.

  • Surface Tragus Piercing

    Instead of getting your cartilage pierced, the piercing is executed on the skin. The surface tragus piercing is positioned in the same area as the tragus piercing. However, the jewelry rests beneath the skin, increasing the likelihood of rejection by the body. This flat-style, piercing offers a dual effect for earrings, offering a unique aesthetic appeal without pierce the cartilage.

How Much Time Does Tragus Piercing Need to Heal?

The tragus piercing is not as scary as you think! When it comes to healing time, then in most cases, the tragus piercing takes 3 to 6 months to heal and settle fully. This piercing needs a few more days to heal properly as compared to other types of piercing due to it being placed on a thick part of the ear. Although the pain varies from person to person, it's still important to cleanse the tragus area properly in order to avoid infection or swelling.

Make use of the saline solution and cleanse the tragus surface carefully twice a day. If you get your new tragus piercing done, then you should avoid sleeping on that piercing side. For the piercing to fully heal, one should avoid touching the ear frequently this may lead to redness, discharge, soreness, flaking, and swelling. (this is extremely advised by expert piercers)

Is it Safe to Get a Tragus Piercing?

Let's address this candidly! While the pain tolerance varies, piercing the tragus ear typically entails more discomfort compared to the regular ear piercing, due to the thicker nature. Piercing tragus, thicker in composition may need more force, leading to slightly more pain than other piercings. However, maintaining cleanliness and diligent aftercare ensures quick healing. Our advice is to keep the piercing alone until it's completely settled off.

Is Tragus Piercing Looks Classy?

If it's the first time you've decided to get pierced, then do start with helix piercing then move to the tragus piercing.

Social media has made it easy for you to find out what type of piercing looks classy, modern, and stylish, you won't believe that the "tragus piercing is one of them". While this spot is ideal for dainty stud, it's best to get it pierced with a professional piercer to avoid bleeding or any wrong hole.

After a couple of months, you can swap for various stylish tragus jewelry. Once you get a tragus piercing, you have to start your journey with gold piercing jewelry, which adds a unique and classic touch to any apparel. So many options are available for tragus piercing jewelry, you can choose as per your preference and budget. That one pair of tragus earrings makes the perfect and stylish addition to your jewelry.

Which Type of Jewelry is Best for Tragus Piercing?

  • Studs: -


    Simple and classy, the tiny studs are all time favorite for tragus piercings, which are going to be the trend for sure. A small stud with smooth edges that are less prone to snagging hair and clothing. Once your piercing has healed, you can explore the other stylish options at "Jewel Pierce". Likewise, these Green Emerald Tragus earrings feature a brilliance cut emerald stone, complemented its beauty and allure by premium white gold or yellow gold metal, this pair of earrings would be the perfect choice for your new tragus piercing.

  • Hoops/Huggies: -


    Small hoops are the other best option for tragus, though we recommend waiting until your piercing has fully healed before experimenting with hoops featuring shapes and textures. This real Diamond Two Stone Hoop Earring, is a trendy pieces of jewelry due to their versatility, and unique appearance. The two shimmery diamonds adds a glittery touch to the earring pieces. Crafted in white gold, and yellow gold metal, this diamond hoop earring is specially designed to hug your conch, helix, tragus, rook, and upper lobe piercings.

Which Metal Complements Your Tragus Earrings?

It's worth buying tragus earrings in high-quality metal, that will encourage quick healing and is perfect for ladies who have sensitive skin. Choosing the white gold, and yellow gold could be an ideal choice to add an extra touch to your curated ear. Both are the popular choice of metal due to their hypoallergenic properties, making them suitable for sensitive skin.

  • White Gold: - Brings a luxury touch, and holds a white tone, that complements the beauty of your earrings. This white gold metal can be a perfect choice for every type of tragus earring.

  • Yellow Gold: - For those who seek warm and some gold touch, then try to buy tragus piercing jewelry in 14k or 18k metal to avoid allergic reactions.

  • Silver: - Classy yet sophisticated, sterling silver is a versatile and affordable option for tragus earrings.

Eventually, the choice depends on your budget, personal style, and skin sensitivity. Whether you're going to choose white gold, yellow gold, or silver always choose the premium quality to ensure your comfort while wearing the tragus earrings.

Aftercare Guide for Tragus Piercing

If you want to go through healthy healing days, care for your tragus piercing is one of the essentials that works well to prevent ear infections and swelling. If your tragus emits any liquid, then no need to panic, it's a normal occurrence. Eat healthy meals, and simply use saline solution and cotton bud twice a day for 3-4 months to clean the area properly. During the healing period, it is recommended to keep the jewelry in place at all times.


  1. Which size should I choose for my tragus earrings?

    Tragus piercing is similar to the ear cartilage piercing, which generally gets through a 16-gauge needle, that is 1.2mm thick. Mainly, ladies prefer to shop for standard sizes of 5-6 mm for a snug fit, or 7-8mm for a loose fit. You may also pick 6-8mm size in case of hoop gold earrings.

  2. Which piercing should I have after tragus?

    Undoubtedly, tragus is everyone's favorite, it will absolutely look amazing and make a chic combo with daith piercing. Getting this is must-have combo for many jewelry trendsetters.

  3. Is it comfortable to wear tragus earrings every day?

    In the beginning, wearing tragus earrings may be a little uncomfortable, so it would be best for you to choose the ideal pair of earring for your tragus piercing, which is comfortable to wear. Avoid choosing large-size earrings, if you are a beginner, you should begin with small-size earrings.

  4. How to change tragus jewelry?

    Your initial step should be buy a stud earring with a flat back for your new piercing. The two prevailing closure methods for this earring type include the internally threaded screw and the push pin. As soon as your piercing once healed, then you can express your personal style effortlessly.

  5. Where I can Find the tragus jewelry?

    The one-stop destination for buying fine quality tragus jewelry is "Jewel Pierce", which is recognized as selling versatile gold piercing jewelry worldwide without asking for shipping charges. We have a big collection of 10k, 14k, and 18k tragus piercing stud and hoop earrings, all are available in the hottest and classiest styles.

  6. Can I wear air pods or headphones with my tragus piercing?

    According to the professional piercer, you should avoid wearing air pods or headphones for 2-3 weeks until the tragus piercing has healed fully. Don't worry, you'll be back to enjoying your favorite tunes in no time!

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