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Conch Piercings are effortlessly cool and chic, which has left everyone going gaga over it (this piercing is totally worth falling for). This Ear Piercing offers you more room to dress up your ear with different styles of earrings. The best part about conch piercings is both gram-worthy and gorgeous, you can look like a rock star of any event. It’s perfect to add a touch of edge to your overall aesthetic.

In this guide, we’ve pretty much covered everything you need to know about conch piercing starting from the types of conch piercing to its aftercare.

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What is Conch Piercing?

Conch Piercing is basically located on the middle part of the cartilage, near the opening of the ear canal. The name ‘Conch’ derives from the resemblance with a conch shell.

Remember, every individual’s ear anatomy is different. Check if you can get an inner conch piercing, outer conch piercing, or both.

Conch Piercing has gained a lot of popularity over time. As it’s quite obvious. This Ear Piercing allows the one to look bold with a bit of a unique touch.

Types of Conch Piercings

Types of Conch Piercings

Welcome to the world of conch piercing, mainly there are two types of conch piercings (inner and outer conch), but wait wait., there are more variations too. Scroll ahead, we’ll enlighten you with those placements too.

  • Inner Conch Piercing

    The Inner Conch Piercing is located right in the middle of the cartilage, which is parallel to the daith (the inner fold of the cartilage above the ear canal).

    A stud is perfect to adorn your inner conch piercing.

    Remember due to its location, it takes a bit longer time to heal than other piercings.

  • Outer Conch Piercing

    An Outer Conch Piercing occurs on the outer edge of the ear’s cartilage area. Basically located near the curved cartilage of the outer ear (known as an anti helix).

    The amazing thing about outer conch piercing, it’s a versatile option that provides a lot of room to style different styles of ear piercing jewelry like studs, cuffs, or hoops.

    Say hello to hoops! We know you want to style those embellished hoops and want to stand out from the crowd highlighting your self expression.

  • Double Conch Piercing

    Guess what? You can even have two piercings on the conch area. That’ll allow you to stack two conch piercings on top of each other with horizontal alignment.

    And if you just want to get double conch piercings, be sure about the piercing location and discuss about it with your piercer too. Make sure that there is proper spacing between your piercings that can allow you to style different jewelry and for better healing procedures too!

  • Orbital Conch Piercing

    If you dream of having an ear with not only a single conch piercing, then you can go with an orbital conch piercing. As it goes through the ear at two points (near the helix piercings), in the conch area of the cartilage, a ring is placed through both.

    Exciting, isn’t it?

What are the benefits of getting a Conch Piercing?

What are the benefits of getting a Conch Piercing?

A conch piercing instantly adds a unique touch of personality to your overall appearance. Whether you wanna adorn your ear piercing with a stud, ring, hoop, or any ear piercing jewelry, you’ll be in the limelight (without making any extra effort).

Additionally, many celebs have been seen with bejeweled conch piercings, trust us, there is no better way to amp up your look with a touch of creative side shine. We don’t think, you need more convincing.

And if you’re ready to showcase your unique sense of style. Check out the trendy collection of conch earrings at Jewel Pierce. From simple classic studs, and ear cuffs, to bold hoop statement pieces, there is so much that’ll complement your style, like nothing else!


How much does getting a conch piercing cost?

It can vary! Yes, you heard it right. Getting your Conch Piercing can cost you roughly around $30-50, plus the cost of the jewelry.

As it totally depends on where you’re getting pierced, and what kind of jewelry you’re choosing as your starter earring.

All these factors directly affect the cost of getting a conch piercing done.


  • How much does it hurt to get a conch piercing?

    Everyone’s pain tolerance is different! In general, people rank conch piercing a 7/10 on the pain scale as it’s punctured on the thicker area of the ear.

    Pain Levels can also differ by the means of how you’re getting your ear pierced. If your piercer has used a needle, it will be the same pain as your other cartilage piercings, but if you choose a dermal punch for getting pierced. It will be more painful.

    Wanna know more about Dermal Punch?

    A Dermal Punch is a style in which the piercer removes a small piece of tissue from the ear’s cartilage, which lets the thicker ear jewelry enter in.


  • How long does a conch piercing take to heal?

    Ah yes, we piercing lovers want to style different earrings on our piercings. But wait should we rush? Not really, allow your piercing to heal fully. Let’s dig into the healing time. A conch piercing done with a needle can take around 6 to 9 months to heal completely, whereas if we talk about a dermal punch it can take a year or more than that to heal.

    Remember, the healing time mainly depends upon the individual and how well he/she is taking care of their ear piercing.



First things first,

  • Best Way to Clean Conch Piercing

    It’s important to clean your fresh ear piercing twice a day. Keeping it clean will ensure a speedy healing process to avoid any kind of flakiness or infection.

    Simply, just clean your ear piercing twice a day with a saline solution using a clean cotton ball, gently around the piercing. (always dry your piercing area, after cleaning). And, follow your piercer instructions carefully.

    Some More Tips:

    If you’re among the side sleepers, avoid sleeping on the side of piercing. Putting any kind of pressure, will disturb your piercing area.
    While taking a shower, make sure to avoid soap or any shampoo sitting on your fresh piercing.
    Avoid using headphones during your healing process.
    Carefully put on and off your clothes, so that it doesn’t snag or trigger your piercing.
  • What if, Conch doesn’t heal?

    In some cases, the piercing doesn’t get to heal. Most of the time, it happens due to lack of care and attention or improper hygiene, the best you can do is if you’re experiencing any problem (such as blood, swelling, or pus) consult a doctor to check the infection.

Best Jewelry Material Used For Conch Piercing

While choosing the jewelry material for your piercing, it’s important to make sure that the material is safe for your skin (which doesn’t cause any irritation or reaction).

We would suggest you go with, Gold is one of the best options for piercing jewelry. It you want something bright and durable too with a lower risk rate of infection.

Remember, it’s always pretty worth it to pay more for a good quality, to avoid any kind of flake off and infection in your ear piercing.

Types of Jewelry for Conch Piercing


Excited, to change out your new jewelry? Well we know you want to, once your piercing is completely healed, a stud is a great pick, people consider styling a stud on a conch piercing. If you’re also a lover of hoops (like us), you can also rock a conch hoop to add an edgy touch.

Here’re a few incredible options:

  • Conch Studs: Studs for conch piercing are considered a perfect option (for inner conch piercings) with a flat backing, as it prevents poking or irritation to your piercing. The stud looks great whether styled on its own or stacked with other cartilage piercing jewelry.

  • Conch Hoops : Hoops, a favorite choice for conch (especially for outer conch). You can go with a seamless hoop style like clicker hoops, as the outer conch piercing area is located on the rim of the ear, which allows the hoop to hug the ear easily.

    Hoops can’t be styled during your initial period of the piercing healing process, as it slows down the healing and causes irritation due to the movement.

Wrapping Up!

Conch Piercings are the best way to add personality to your overall look. You’ve so many great options to showcase your creative or fun side.

In this blog, we’ve talked about every aspect of the question that comes into the mind of a person (before or after getting pierced). From types of conch piercings, benefits of getting it, cost, or jewelry you can style on your piercing.

So, if you’re planning to get your cartilage pierced, you must add some one of kind pieces to your collection. Go, ahead and explore Jewel Pierce’s unique collection right away!

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